Dorset Dog Rescue

Rehoming dogs throughout the UK


 This is the amazing, perfect, wonderful and loving Stiffler,  Stiffler is about 5 ish and the calmest weimaraner I have ever met, when he arrived a few months ago he had 4 fits in 24 hours so he was put on epilepsy meds, and he hasn't had any more so vet has reduced dosage and he is doing great, please don't let that put you of as DDR will cover any epilepsy meds if needed for life so whoever adopts him needs to live near our amazing vets Natterjacks, he is great with children, cats, dogs and horses, please call Nat for any more info on 07801282624


 Remember Molly the terrified retriever from last month,

 well she had a lump on side that was drained and we covered on our vets

 bills for life as was a pre existing condition w

ell sadly it had come back so Molly is in at Natterjacks

 having a drain fitted, her owners are awesome people

 who love her dearly and she is doing really well

with them and is coming out of her shell



This is Angel who is a 2-3 year old Bichon Frise and the most gentlest little girl sadly we don't know why or how but has lost one of her eyes at a very young age. Sadly it was also discovered that she has a grade 4-5 heart murmur so we will be covering her heart meds for life in her new home


This is Bree she is an Irish Setter and came into us in July 2012, Bree is about 12-14. Sadly Bree has had to be put on incontinence meds, and supplements and pain for joint relief and also has the start of kidney failure so DDR re homed Bree but we pay her meds for life. Wonderful girl who deserves to be spoilt in her twilight years


 This is the wonderful Barry White who came into us in September 2012, Barry is 5 and seriously overweight and had a limp which at first was thought to being so overweight but a few weeks on was getting worse so we had him fully x rayed and it was found he had severe hip dysplacia and also severe patella, sadly there is nothing our vet can do as its the worst he has seen. We will pay for all Barrys meds until its his time which sadly may only be weeks or months, but thank you so much to the are are caring for him in his last days



Lillie came into us and had given up on life she had it rough

Was cover in dirt and could not walk we had to carry her everywhere

She has chronic arthritis in both front legs

 and her back legs had wasted away

But now thanks to DDR and her meds

 she's on the right meds for the rest of her life

and she's having a bit fun at last

We where donated a doggie buggie and she loves it

she a sweet girl and loves her attention and kisses (every night)