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Appeal Orphan Foal Annie

We don't often appeal but need some funds to help Annie.
If anyone can donate to help us get milk for the orphan  foal it would be much appreciated as it's quite expensive and she drinks a lot about 14 pints a day.Dorset dog rescue 20-68-79        63651096

This is Bambi at 9 months, it has cost us more than £1000 to get her here on milk and vets but she is thriving. 


So I spend a lot of my time whinging that I 
hate rescue as it consumes my life and is very stressful, always fretting about money and the dogs and what fosters we have available. 
BUT then I go to our photos page and see over 2000 people posting pics of there DDR dogs and it hits me the enormity of what we have grown into and what we have achieved. 
Me and Liz started this rescue whilst working on a hot mobile burger van to pay for transport and vets bills. We couldn't afford anything so sat down and had to figure out how to build a website.
I know I wouldn't ever want to do those first few years again an neither would Liz, we sold our caravan to buy a DDR van as we didn't really have a clue what we were doing just young and daft with an idealistic idea we just wanted to save dogs.
From the offset our motto was let's keep it real, all dogs are different and as are the owners, so will be treated as such. 
We still to this day do that and we believe that's why we are where the public comes first.
My favorite story is Sue a professional lady who sold up from the rat race and went to live on a beautiful house boat on the Thames. She called one day and said she had been turned down everywhere and we were her last hope. I asked why she had been turned down and she explained that she lived aboard a big beautiful houseboat on the Thames and didn't have a secure garden. Sue adopted a little Jack Russell from us that we had for months and they are still together living the dream and we couldn't of asked for a better home.
Had a lovely gentlemen this week for Monty he works full time and lives very deep in New Forest and no secure fencing. We passed him as Monty is going to work every day in his truck and has excellent recall and will be going fishing with him and to his pig farm, again what a life for a dog that was dumped then going to be out to sleep a month ago!!
Liz left and Natalie came, both very similar and calm even in most stressful times which is great as I am......well.........KINDA NOT!! 
It hasn't been an easy road for us we had a manager steal so was fired a fundraiser (fund raise for herself) and obviously most of you know about 'the witches' or The Jeremy Kyle Brigade as us their nicknames.
BUT having these obstacles make you stronger and more determined and you start spotting the good uns from the bad uns a lot more quickly after being so stung.
Brenda and Christine in Ireland have always been my backbone in times of need and picked me up when I fell.
Andy and Guy at Natterjacks helped propel us to the next level as we have grown so rapid. And w
My good steady team of 40 foster Mums are what keeps us going, they are ultimately what save the dogs lives and Tom Mowlam who is a very special vet also.
Sam, Nicola and Jane are our trustworthy fundraising queens.
I have to say without Kris and Jordan supporting me and Nats we would not cope with our fosters or the immense stress we are going under, they are unsung heroes.
Helen and Jess coming on-board in Martock has made a huge difference and they have saved so many already.
We have some very special people supporting us Mr N who we have no idea who he is who continually supports us and sends money.
My lovely Mrs A who is a friend/counselor who has financially helped us so much and listened to me when I wanted to give up.
The Rockets who donated the whole cost of a van to help us out.
Melissa who jumped straight on the phone and said we will sign write it no cost to you guys at all.
All our supporters who have donated a £1 as every single £1 adds up and matters.
The lovely Ann at the inland revenue who has been a huge help and a lovely lady.
Dean the most sensible dog warden I have ever met and always so helpful.
Maureen our accountant as couldn't of done it without her.
Poole tyres who always help us short notice when in trouble with vans.
My mum who is so amazing at all our admin.
We have only been going 5 years so to reach this stage to quick has been over whelming. We have always said from the start we are pushed by our strong supporters and public support.

Don't go any further without reading this!!

OK we girls at DDR can sometimes occasionally get a tad grumpy, not with the dogs but sometimes with people. We frequently get told we got successful very quick due to our brutal honesty and common sense approach to rescue.

We get asked all the time 'whats his/her history' 'do you know how old/breed'. Then we say the same old answer we just don't know. These are rescue dogs but even if they are handed in and people tell us everything about the dog since birth it would be foolish for us to believe it so the answer is still the same we just don't know.

We assess the dogs on how they are in rescue and what behavior they display in there foster homes. Sometimes dogs don't display there 'true' personality till 2 months down the line once settled in a home. We cannot hold every dog 2 months so they are listed on how we see them at the present time. I wish we had a crystal ball but we don't.

We only want people/families to adopt our dogs to understand they are adopting a dog not a washing machine, in that I mean they have their own minds so can be unpredictable or change there behavior in different environments. We thoroughly test the dogs with other dogs and if food aggressive and what they like with kids or horses or cats or whatever then one day they could take a dislike to a certain dog/child etc and we want people to understand this before adopting a dog.

I would like to stress this isn't a 'rescue dog' problem this is all dogs. Sometimes yes rescue dogs can have problems due to abuse or neglect but then also you get a rescue dog that is very easy as appreciates every thing they have as they have never had it and are no bother.

Dogs are like having a new kid, they will cry in new places for a few nights till settle, they need to adjust as have probably been in a pound in Ireland then to rescue in Ireland then on ferry to us then to vets then to foster home and then to your home so they go through a lot before they arrive with you.

We ask you to bring your dogs/children to all viewings as its not fair on everyone if you don't then we get a call ,my cat doesn't like him' 'kids are scared of the puppy' and they don't need to be passed round anymore than they are.

We often get calls 'my ddr dog is naughty you must have it back today' when we ask how long they have had it they state they adopted it at 8 weeks and is now 18 months!! Now we are NOT responsible for how your dog turns out believe it or not these days everyone likes to put blame but as adults you adopt the puppy/dogs and you will get back from your dog what you put in. And its very easy to say ok not my fault dump back at the rescue. We are always here to take a DDR back BUT you will have to wait for an available space we just don't have empty spaces for the day you feel you need to return your dog and this can take upto 6 weeks.

I know this post looks harsh but its being realistic as some go into dog ownership with tinted glasses, my dogs I have had years can still do stuff very out of character. Dogs will always have a natural instinct, you can raise a terrier as a lap dog but most will still always chase a rat, you can raise a springer as house pet but most will always try and flush birds, we have many ex working lurchers and you know they may take a deer or rabbit down, sheps can suddenly bark at random strangers, this is all dogs not just rescue dogs. So you may think we will go buy a pup from top breeder but you will have same problems as you cant take instinct away.

Its all about choosing the right dog for your lifestyle