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Meet Max, he is a 12 year old cocker and I have never felt matts like it on a dog, his ears are so heavy you can't imagine, he stinks so bad but we will fix him, can't touch his chest for matts, amazingly he is in excellent health

please phone 07568 580030

Saturday  max will go to poochies grooming salon and come out a new man 

UPDATE: Fabulous Ellie at Poochies of Bournemouth

came to our rescue immediately and spent her half day off today shaving Max.

We have a carrier bag full of his matted hair.

  Ella used her skill to calm Max, who was getting very agitated

and shave all his hair off without so much as a little nick of his skin!

She is so lovely and devoted to helping these poor animals.

Max is now on the road to recovery thanks to Poochies of Bournemouth.

XXXXX (from Max of course!)






 Here is raggles after all his heavy fur is removed.

A handsome boy with a loving nature gets on well with my two males

3/4 years old and neutered

Another successful grooming from the fabulous Poochies of Bournemouth

who came to aid straightaway.


 Poor Ned was dumped as he had a poorly leg

 but with the help of Natterjacks

we removed his leg and he went on to make full recovery

 and go to an amazing home.


 This is little Wilfred who was tied to Brenda's gate just before we left and he had a large lump on his ears and obviously they didn't want to treat it so we squeezed him in and Andy did the op on him today and saved most of his ear. Andy was awesome doing the op today so he can now recover and start his new life once recovered

Scooby and Arthur

 This is Scooby and he came from a breeder this week but sadly he has epilepsy so he will be yet another cav on our vets bills for life there is about 7 cavs on meds for life people just don't realise that for a small donation we supply his meds for life which could run into £2-4000 plus all the other dogs on vet bills for life, these guys need us more than the pups they need us every month to pay for there meds. The blenham you can see is Arther who as came on great with babrbra who is  now his mam he has turned into a happy boy came from a a hell hole and look at him now a fireside hugger


 This is Boss the Boerbell he was giving to Helen in Somerset.

Have always had a fascination with the breed along with a healthy respect.

Boss is only 8 months old and in a bit

of a state as you can see but I am sure I can fix him with some good food,

TLC, wormers and love. He is deffo my Christmas project.

Boss is not a breed I will rehome lightly as he is an extremely powerful animal

so based on that he will only be rehomed with children

over 14 as when we get him fit he will be a tank with extreme power


 Another victim of Christmas, although I kind of feel by looks of it I think our Teddy has had a lucky escape. He has clearly been tied up or left with a collar to tight which has cut into his neck, We are cleaning it up and treating it and Natterjacks have put him on some meds. Despite all this he has the most wonderful nature and is wonderful with other dogs and children and is just quite frankly really enjoying life and he is only 1-2 years




 This is Ozzie around one to 2 years . He is a cruelty case as someone tried to dock his tail with a cable tie . He has had the op to take it out as it was embedded . He is so sweet and fine with the other 8 dogs in foster home . He is very loving and just needs a loving home . Please give him a chance he has had it rough time of it 

OK this is Ozzie and some rather uneducated individual decided to dock him themselves as an adult. They tied a cable tie on tight and left it hoping tail would drop of, which it didn't just embedded in and caused him lots of pain then an operation to removed the bits that were embedded.
So this maybe opens up the docking debate. Having owned springers some docked some not I have spent a lot of time trying to stop my undocked springers tail bleeding where he would damage it as would rip tip of running in under growth. Or maybe should be at least done by a vet not an idiot .....................


 Meet Taylor a beautiful kind Weimaraner who hasn't been treated as he should of been. He is in very poor condition infact had been starved. Taylor is now being loved and fed by us and he appreciates everything that is being done for him, we think he is only 1-2 ish. We have been in undated with dogs like Taylor that need that extra special care in the last week, as well as a cav with spinal injury's, a cav with severe heart murmur and a poor Jack Russell with a cable tie embedded in tail that's having operation today so if you can help with these extra special guys and help towards our massive vets bill we and the dogs would appreciate it, Natterjacks 01202 427404





This is Arthur, a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, approx 4 yrs old.

He came in in an horrendous state

 and it was only the quick action by Poochies of Bournemouth

that has transformed him into a little sweetheart.

  Poochies had their work cut out as Arthur

had lots of terrible matting and they had to use a scalpel

which they did so skilfully.  He also has no tongue.

They are truly fantastic and professional groomers

who helped us at very short notice.



Here is Arthur (now Archie) after having lots of care

from his forever mum Barbara Allbright.

Doesn't he look fabulous!  

Well done Barbara for giving Arthur such a happy life




 This is Ali and this is how she has been dumped, people are just scum. She is an older Cocker Spaniel who will be looking for the best retirement home we can find her. It never ceases to amaze me what scum we share this planet with. Brenda and Billy spent hours trying to make Ali more comfortable.




Ok this is Bradley Wiggins that Brenda at Inistioge and Christine have rescued. Some ******* has put an axe through his head and they ran ofF but they got Bradley to Brenda and Christine. I am going over next week to bring this boy back to the UK but I am kindly asking (begging) if anyone can spare anything to help with vet's bills as they are coming in thick and fast like this at mo. So if anyone can help Bradley and other dogs like him at mo please click on the Inistioge link below, thankyou



hi Remember Bella? A few weeks ago she was so bad she had been kept in a cage all her life, had no muscle on rear legs, screamed when anyone went near her. She was eating her own rear end through stress. Now look at Bella thanks to my foster mum Sandra's TLC - she has now gone to an amazing home with Jane.



Abraham had been with DDR and we made him all better, sorted out his lumps and open tumor on his throat.
He was an old boy but we thought he was worth every penny.
Then days after this pic was taken he died of a brain tumour suddenly which was just heart wrenching
On 27th November 2009. RIP poor old Abes.
A huge thank you to Christine Gillingham
For making his last days special ones - she is a special lady.
Abraham is a very memorable and epic DDR dog.


I am so sorry if it seems all doom and gloom but I wanted people to know what happens in rescue.
I know it seems we are always asking for money,
food, bedding etc etc but there is a very good reason for it.
As a rescue I love the broken ones,
I love fixing them and sending them off to enjoy the last of their days
whether that be 6 months or 10 years.
Sadly some we can't fix and these are what always hurt.
This is Silas - he is a gift in - his owners no longer wanted him.
Our vet thinks he is 12-14 years old and he is a very gentle regal old man.
Sadly, his foster Mum noticed he wasn't eating
and when she looked he had tumours all in his mouth,
throat as well as on his body.
Our vet said he was riddled with cancer and giving up. It
would have been cruel for us to do a biopsy
 etc as she is pretty sure it was very bad. 
Silas was put to sleep by our lovely vet Debbie
 at Christchurch Companion Care today 14-12-11
in this pic he was ready - he had had enough.
Dogs are expensive, from 8 weeks to 15 years,
 they need us most in their twilight years
but sadly some people disregard them like trash for a newer model. People think this happens in foreign countries etc etc - this happens here in Dorset, on our doorstep.
I would like to thank my foster mum Sam Costello for going above and beyond love you Sam.



This is the famous Digby who came in to us in August "12" with severe burns which had been left untreated by his owner. The poor mite was in so much pain but with Brenda's help we fixed him and now he is growing into a strong and, at times, naughty, bless him, puppy which is amazing to see."



This is Hope. She has been fighting for her life with Brenda for a few weeks now and is slowly pulling through. She is emaciated and in an horrific condition; she is being nursed by the lovey Leanne and Ian and will need time to get over what she has been through, beautiful gentle little girl. Pictures added of little Hope now - it took 5 weeks of intensive care from Leanne, Ian and our vet to get this girl through xx


This is Molly - she is an ex breeder from a puppy farm.

She had many open wounds and pyometria and was in an awful state.

Our foster Mum Rona fixed her all up with our amazing vets and now Molly

is living the life she should have had - being spoilt.





Bailey came to us in a right sorry state; starved and a broken girl.

With the help from everyone, we saved this little girl from sure death.

She is now a happy go lucky girl enjoying her life.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us.

Bailey was another great fix from our foster Mum Christine

Thank you everyone from DDR.




This is Baily now

It brings tears to our eyes she is such a loving caring girl

After all she had went through

We took her and repaired her and gave her years of happy living

Once again thank you every one from DDR




This is Zeus who came to us from Ireland. He was starved to almost death.

Today, 16 March 2011, we lost him.

 He died from fluid in his lungs drowning him

  as well as a severe heart condition at 18 months.

Zeus was ill then dumped when he was of no more use to them.

This is what puppy farms are about and

anyone buying a puppy from these farms

is doing this to dogs.  We look at puppies in shop windows 

And say "ahhhh cute" but look at their mothers and fathers.

This is the life they live for us to say "aahh".

 When we look in a pet shop window

please please don't buy from these people

 We are just helping them to hurt the animals we love and adore.

This boy was sad - look into his eyes.

The people who buy puppies from puppy farms

have helped to put the look in his eyes.

We have to see the mother and father of our

puppies when we buy them - not buying them from mail order farms.

All of us at DDR are heartbroken that we lost this great boy.

Help us to help them, please.  It's too late for Zeus 16 March 2011.

Rest in peace Zeus

From everyone at DDR






OK people this is one of the hardest days we have had.

 Myself and Liz had little Bocelli here with us to groom as ordinary

scissors and clippers just couldn't get through.

 We have used our new clippers but even they couldn't do his face.

 What we found was so disturbing - one eye hanging out and the other

 so ulcerated it has a hole in it.

 His ears have been sliced off.

There are no words for the scum

 that has done this and this baby is only about 2yrs old.

 If anyone would like to help towards the treatment of these babies

 please donate to

 Any help is very much appreciated.




AIN'T she a pretty picture


Shows what a little love can do


This breaks my heart to see

                  Such a little sweet little thing                    

Treated in this way




When you see the sadness in her eyes

It makes me weep for mankind's ignorance


This is Buddy

He came into us on the 7th Dec

 If it wasn't for the love of Brenda at Inistioge Puppy Rescue

 he would be dead.

She nursed this poor boy back to health.

She is a true angel.





This is Dolly and she is quite well known as Brenda

 has had her about 5 months.

 We have been waiting until she was well enough to travel.

This is quoted from Brenda "Retriever cross, 7mths old

 female and a nice young girl"

She came in with 10 family and friends. Unfortunately, Dolly has a fractured pelvis

 (an old injury) so she will

need to be confined for a while to help her heal.

Dolly is improving but the vet reckons


She is an affectionate girl and would love to be running free.

 She will need another 6 weeks.

We sadly lost Dolly on the 23rd of July.

As well as her pelvis problem, she also had a brain tumor

and started to go downhill and became very poorly. 

DDR cannot thank Brenda, Christine and the Brett family

for giving Dolly

so much time and love in her so short life

Sleep well Dolly

We will all miss you


This is Jack and he is a fantastic example of a Rottweiler.

 He is 4-5 ish??. He can live with male or female dogs.

He has great recall and he loves to play ball.

 He came in with quite a few lumps so they have been removed

whilst he was castrated and sent off for tests.

 He was left on the roadside a month ago - he was collapsed

And so thin and weak he couldn't walk.

 An older couple took him in and fed him for a few weeks

 before handing over to the pound. He is still thin and needs building up.

He is amazing in every way - we can't fault him.

Sadly Jack died of Kidney Failure

 in mid 2010 a few months after we all fixed him.





Violet is such an adorable little lady,

 despite the severe mange and sores everywhere.

 She has very long nails and cut pads on her feet.

 So she can't walk on her back leg and is terribly underweight.

 She is a very affectionate little girl.

 At only about a year old she has clearly not had the best of lives.

Jen, her foster mum, is taking care of all her ailments

and building her back up

into a nice healthy proper Lurcher.

We will keep site updated with her pics as she gets better...






This is Lucy.

 She came into us from Ireland

 with the worst mange we have seen.

 She had burns and the mites

 just would not die, it was awful and she was yelping in pain

 as she just couldn't reach all her itches.

 When Lilly shaved her to the skin to give her some relief

the mites were running all

 over her body. It was a long process getting Becky better

 but Lilly Davies and Elizabeth Berger

did and she went off to her new home.




This is Sammy

(previously Moses)

 who was found roaming round rural Ireland

in a right old state

 He could barely walk as he was so malnourished.

 He has no muscle in his body and his back legs keep caving in.

 He weighed 10 kg and was one of the weakest dogs I have ever had.

 We had to shave him as he smelled so bad 

and was very greasy, he was the most beautiful natured dog in the world.

Sammy now he has found his perfect home here at DDR

 With me Julie

He is now 17kg and looking amazing.






Sammy passed away on 21st January 2010

He will be missed by all of us at DDR.



This is the true gent that is Chester

 He is a harrier.

 I had never heard of this breed ever until Chester came.

 What an amazing surprise he was.

 He was a total gentleman, so full of charisma.

 There was so much sadness being his old eyes.

 He had so many scars on him where

he had been worked to death

 then just thrown out.  He was very thin.

 We were told he had a severe heart murmur

 but we wanted to give him some love and comfort before he died.

 If Brenda and her huge ole heart did not take these guys in

 then we would never get the chance to show them love and affection.

 Chester died on the 15.11.10

 We hope he has more fun and love in heaven

than the vile people who had him his whole life

ever showed him on earth

And I hope he enjoyed the love and care myself and Emma showed him.




This is is Lilly, she is approx 6-7 years old.

 She has had a vile life and now she is a bit older and covered in tumours

 she has been dumped tied to a tree.

 This poor girl has mange and tumours on her which we will fix after

a week of good mange treatment,

good food and love to build her up a bit.

 Her hair is so thin and she has awful big kennel sores

 on her rear where she has lived on concrete floors

 She came in on July 7th 2010.

Lilly is being looked after by

 Tony and Alex Brett who are stars, love you Mr and Mrs Brett.