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I seem to have lost the folder I put all the stories in about what its "REALLY" like owning a dog, if poss can you guys resend as putting them on website, email to It seems SOME people really do not comprehend how hard a puppy/dog can be.
I own a rescue (this rescue lol) and I have a 7 month old doberman month who was and is a challenge, he has separation anxiety and is...
bouncy and very very annoying to the point my kids are not his biggest fan. Took me ages to housetrain him despite sitting in lounge with patio door open 24/7 when storms were at there worst to help him you know get the idea, as watching 2 older dogs wasn't clicking with him.
He has bust my nose as I bent down and he head butted me, he jumped on me in bed and bruised my right boob badly.
I have taught him recall from 8 weeks old yet when I am walking my dogs I am always in a DDR hoody and he will run of to play with other dogs and ignore me, to the point I apologise and claim he is new and a foster as I am embarrassed. We have only just sorted recall out at 7 months.
Giving any chance he will destroy andrex loo roll and bounty kitchen roll like its an Olympic sport.
Bins are some sort of Brucey bonus for him and will always find a bin just as someone is coming to view a well behaved foster pooch I have in.
Just when thought I was seeing a vision of maturity found my make up bag on decking outside this morning!!
Also we are heading towards nut crunching as he is starting to think he is the man of the house, which clearly he isn't so hormones may need keeping in check.
And now we over newborn stage we are in the teenage years, which is kind of same as newborn just bigger with recall pmsl.
I can honestly say there hasn't been to much joy in owning him for the first few months but we will get there in the end, but its been hard. In fact probably hardest pup we have owned, even beating our working springer who kept us on our toes and I allege to know what I am doing.
I will be posting stories like this starting with my own so people can read before even thinking of picking phone up to that really cute pup we post on facebook xx

sarahs story

My husband had always wanted a dog, I personally liked my freedom too much to entertain the idea. After months of my husband looking online at puppies I took a sneaky look and saw the most amazing looking whippet cross and said to him (half in jest!!!!) "it's that puppy or none"........before I knew it we had met Skye and fallen in love. Wished I hadn't let my heart rule my god are puppies demanding!!!! I would have given her back in a heart beat if I thought I could get away with, the husband and kids would have rather seen me leave than the dog. A few months later - with me still resenting this bundle of fur - she became ill, and I surprised myself at how much I cried, all of a sudden she was no long this thing that ruined my home (nothing that can't be fixed), that restricted my freedom, etc she was MY BABY!!!! Skye is now 4 and very much part of the family. We have lovely family walks which wouldn't happen if we didn't have her. She no longer chews everything she sees, she can be left for a good few hours if needed, and I can't believe I ever wanted to give her back!!!! The husbands now online all the time looking for a companion for her...........xx

elaines story

After having dogs for 40 years and loosing our German Shepherd with a mystery illness at 8 we thought we would give a home to one of your
They had called her Greta and she had pups as well. We decided to change her name to Poppy as she didn't answer to anything.
The first night she spent hiding behind the sofa we soon realised she was scared of her own shadow didn't like men,had no toilet training at all so we spent the next month watching her every move .She was really good at night but welcomed us in the morning with a few
piles of poo every morning !!!!!The only way we can walk her is on a harness as she won't walk on a lead
and panics at everything .When she sees a dog she goes bananas she will do somersaults to get to
them.My daughter kept telling me to let her off and don't worry so I took her over our local park and as there were no dogs around to distract her did the deed and let her off,she took off like a bullett out of a gun don't panic I thought so got nearer and nearer and called and called her I was in almost touching her when she turned tail and ran straight through a gap in the hedge and straight out on the main road.My heart was in my mouth so I walked home to tell my husband I had lost the dog ,she did have a collar with her name and telephone number on it. I was almost to my house to explain to my husband when all of a sudden I heard a pounding noise and hey presto Poppy came charging up to me tail wagging as if to say here I am mum!!!!!! My husband then decided to take her to the forest with my daughters Labs
they had great fun running and playing and when it was time to go home the Labs jumped in the car and then Poppy decided I am going to have some fun and 20 mins later he still couldn't catch her she was finally caught by a lady who had 2 dogs that Poppy wanted to play with.We have had her now for around 3 months she still doesn't like men very much she sits when told for a treat we are resigned to the fact we can't let her off.
It would have been so easy to take her back , it's a very long slow process  like having a puppy with big issues but I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel .
She is a lovely dog good with our cat and excellent with our Grandchildren so she is worth all the hard work.